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Every day is a Sparkle day

Welcome to It's a Sparkle life! Our Photographers Forum is specifically geared towards photography professionals who are looking to join a community of like-minded, talented individuals. Our platform is a great way to discover new tips, answer questions and explore the latest trends. Simply select any category to get started. If you want to buy prints go to Photo Album and click on an image, and if you want your image on a print or product just email me at

Without hope life is not worth living, you gotta give um hope. So you and you and you gotta give um hope.

Harvey Milk

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Life is one BIG learning curve, never ever stop learning.

Remember to stay positive and NO negative talk, also if anyone tells you, you can't do something the answer is you can do it you do anything if you try. 

2o23 a year to build new futures make dreams come true and make good memories, and take better care of family & friends.

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