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Throughout my time, I've had both Pc's /Mac's and tablets/iPads also phones/iPhones, I have learnt some trick and tips so I would like to pass them on to help others. I always learning, like my quote says never ever stop learning. Most of the following information is freely available on the internet but I will show you how to find it and explain different things to you. How to keep your computer clean inside and out and your tablets and phones. 

Storing your photos/documents on your device should not be done try to store then either to the cloud or to a USB flash drive.

USB flash drives come in sizes from 1GB to over 1TB. Google photos, for example, give you 17GB with your account.

Photos - Google Photos follow the link it is all easily explained. While we all have this time working from home sort out photos on your phone/computer /Pad, either as I said to delete them or transfer them to a flash drive or to the cloud you will see straight away your device will work faster. 

Right now onto the web browser, there is a lot on the market I personally find Brave to be good and easy to use, but see what suit you settle with one but do not have too many browsers on your device as this will slow your device down.

Next, we can start on passwords and security which should always be at the top of the pile. You should endeavour to change your passwords every month with one upper case letter and lower case totally between 6 & 10 characters and also symbols like caution or question mark. If you have trouble remembering all of your passwords and pin numbers because these days there are so many keep them in a little book in a safe place so only you will know where it is.

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